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Research & Innovation

At the heart of our activity, innovation is the DNA of DEV’PACK. Our teams of experts are dedicated to bringing even more novelty to our clients. Continuously enriching our material library and developing our own solutions, we are able to accompany you at every stage of your project.


We view our clients not as such, but as partners, whom we support in achieving their mission.
We streamline the packaging development journey for you, guiding you through each step, actively supporting your projects with personalized assistance and leveraging all of our technical expertise.


Our clients' time is valuable, and project deadlines are increasingly tight. Reactivity is a fundamental requirement in handling our cases: prioritization and efficiency are the key principles in planning each new mission.


Corporate Social Responsibility: Our goal is to assist our clients in preventing damage to their products while ensuring the reduction of overpackaging and its environmental impact. The 3Rs (Reuse/Repurpose, Reduce, Recycle) form the backbone of all our operations.


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Le packaging est incontournable dans tous les secteurs d'activité, tout en étant au cœur des évolutions réglementaires (PPWR, CSRD, Loi AGEC). À la fois complexe et indispensable, il requiert une expertise spécifique pour surmonter les défis inhérents à chaque domaine. Devpack offre cette expertise, s'affranchit des contraintes internes, et apporte la simplicité dont vous avez besoin.

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of my attention. I make it a priority to ensure the smooth progress of each stage of our missions, and always provide the listening our clients need, as well as a continuous and seamless flow of information. Nobody likes to wait, and even less to be in the dark, especially when important stakes depend on the ongoing mission, and that's something we understand very well!

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